St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School

Our Staff

Meet the friendly staff at our school. These lovely pictures were drawn by some of our pupils. Our full staff list can be found at the bottom of the page.

Mrs Adamson
by Jack

Mrs Amann
by Louis

Mrs Anderson
by Naomi

Ms Bass
by Nandana

Mrs Coleman
by James

Ms Evans
by Ashlee

Mrs Heenan
by Millie

Mrs Gallagher
by Zak

Mrs Hand
by Harry

Miss Harris
by Nandana

Mrs Hayes
by Natalia

Mrs Hornblower
by Nandana

Mrs Howlett
by Maisie & Grace

Mrs Joyce
by Millie

Mrs Kennedy
by Janek

Mrs Lee
by Millie

Mr Leek
by Callum

Mrs Lewis
by India

Mrs Logan
by Nandana

Miss Lucas
by Joseph

Mrs Malhi
by David

Mr Marsh
by Hannah

Mrs Mason
by Nandana

Mrs Murray
by Casey

Mrs O'Hara
by Charlotte

Mrs O'Sullivan
by Nandana

Mr Payne
by Evie

Mrs Peacock
by Nandana

Mrs Polito
by Lilis-Grae

Mrs Potter
by Mary
Mrs Remblance
by Thomas

Miss E Smith
by Hannah

Mrs Steele
by Naomi
Mrs Vinti
by Erin

Mrs Ward
by Nandana

Miss Wood
by Maisie

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs Claire O'Hara Headteacher
Mrs Michelle Anderson Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Catherine Heenan Year 6 Teacher
Mr Chris Payne Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Michelle Coleman Year 4 Teacher
Mr Tom Marsh Year 3 Teacher
Miss Amy Wood Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Sheryl Polito Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Emma Hayes Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Sarah Steele Reception Teacher
Mrs Elizabeth Smith Nursery Teacher
Mrs Sheila Amann Music and MfL support Teacher
Ms Rebecca Evans Teaching Assistant Level 3 - Integration
Mrs Alyson Gallagher Teaching Assistant Level 3 - Cover Supervisor
Mrs Julie Joyce Teaching Assistant Level 3
Mrs Caroline Kennedy Teaching Assistant Level 3 - Cover Supervisor, After School Club Co-ordinator
Mrs Claire Lee Teaching Assistant Level 3 - Cover Supervisor
Mrs Gill Remblance Teaching Assistant Level 3- Cover Supervisor
Mrs Mary Adamson Teaching Assistant Level 2 - Integration
Miss Nicola Lucas Teaching Assistant Level 2 - Integration
Mrs Harjinder Malhi Teaching Assistant Level 2 - Integration, After School Club Support
Mrs Stefania Vinti Teaching Assistant Level 2 - Integration
Mrs Elisabeth Lewis Inclusion Manager
Mrs Penny Ward Office Manager, After School Club Administrator, Breakfast Club Administrator
Mrs Catherine Potter Administration Assistant
Mr Andy Leek Site Supervisor
Mrs Frances Murray Principal Midday Supervisor, After School Club Supervisor, Breakfast Club Supervisor
Ms Sue Cleaver Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss Jessica Harris Breakfast Club Co-ordinator, Lunchtime Playworker
Mrs Clair Logan Breakfast Club Supervisor, After School Club Support, Catering Assistant
Mrs Michelle Cosgrove Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Ginette Hornblower Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Emma Mason Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Jenny Peacock Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Sue Bass Cleaner
Mrs Jane Howlett Catering Manager
Mrs Ellen Hand After School Club support, Catering Assistant