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Jacqui Snype (nee Gunning)
25 Aug 2018

I have great memories as a child who attended this school back in the 70s. Unfortunately, I have no school photos. I think I left in 1973 when I was ten, we moved to Ireland, I'd be very grateful if anyone had any photos from then. Dawn Yates, Catherine McGloughlin, John Kirwan we're in my class. Look forward to hearing from you.

Rating: Excellent

06 Oct 2016

As a new parent to the school I have to say your school is very warm and welcoming and the catholic ethos is clearly embedded . Thank you so much for giving my child the best start to her education.

Rating: Excellent

Mike and Barb Kilgallen
16 Dec 2013

Outstanding Advent service this evening. We felt very proud to be Mary's grandparents! The choir was magnificent.

Rating: Excellent

Ken Upton
17 Jul 2013

Would just like to say what a fantastic day the recent sports day was.

Rating: Excellent

Niamh Reynolds
22 May 2013

I love the school and i now really don't want to leave! This website is really helpful because i can stay in touch.

Rating: Excellent

Tracy Kavanagh
27 Mar 2013

Great website. I attended St Mary's 1976 - 1983, fantastic school. Would love to know whatever happened to Mrs Lodge? An amazing inspirational teacher, who I believe is half the reason I have a law degree. All the best.

Rating: Excellent

Maura Logan
15 Mar 2013

Congratulations to you all for the 'outstanding' judgement you received from the RE inspection. Well deserved.

Rating: Excellent

Karen Goodley
28 Feb 2013

Hello, lovely website, just popped on for your email address. Great to see photos of your visit to Alton Castle. Hope you will come again soon. Bookings Alton Castle.

Rating: Excellent

Aaron Hudson
23 Dec 2012

Excellent website - very colorful.

Rating: Excellent

Amanda Loaners
17 Nov 2012

An amazing improvement to the old website and it is very detailed so well done.

Rating: Excellent

Ken and Deborah Upton
19 Oct 2012

Really like this new website; a massive improvement on the old one. Well done St Mary's.

Rating: Very Good

Rachel Johnson
03 Oct 2012

Hello, had a quiet few minutes and as I got my Thursdays confused (I thought the maths session was last Thursday) and I some how manage to misplace the newsletters thought I would access the website. Really surprised at how easy it was to navigate round - there are lots of fun elements too. I have saved the site to my iPhone for easy access in the future especially for the diary. Enjoyed looking at the photos of the events of last year although couldn't see any of year 3's Holy Communion. Whilst I am here thanks very much for the high standards you set and achieve. I have a very happy boy who looks forward to coming to school.

Rating: Excellent

Marie-Claire Anwender
15 Sep 2012

Super improvement - I think this school website now reflects the school beautifully; whilst it is thoroughly informative I love the humour. I only 'popped' in for one piece of information and I've stayed to read it all!

Rating: Excellent

Lisa Murray
18 Jul 2012

I am loving the new layout of the school website. Lovely and colourful, nice to see more pictures; especially of the staff. Very good idea to use drawings of teachers done by pupils.

Rating: Excellent

Robert Hooper
13 Jul 2012

Its a very helpfull site for children.

Rating: Excellent

Julie Joyce
11 Jul 2012

Very impressive, like the drawings of the staff, great likeness!

Rating: Excellent

Laura Benwell
27 Jun 2012

I love this website its bright and colorful and as an ex-pupil i think it is really good.

Rating: Excellent

Cath Dalzell
08 Jun 2012

I am impressed with the new website as it is so easy to use and informative. My son as a council member was proud to show me his pictures on the site.

Rating: Excellent