St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School

Early Years

Nursery and Reception Classes

Mrs Smith, Mrs Steele, Mrs Lee, Mrs Joyce and a host of fabulous helpers work tirelessly to build on children's confidence, curiosity of the world around them and capacity to communicate effectively.

Their area is bright and lively and they have a huge abundance of space, which they use to stimulate and capture children’s interests and fascinations, to great effect.

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The owl who was afraid of the dark is a firm favourite in Nursery.
Reception have been looking at Elmer stories; they have used their Art work to consolidate their recall of the stories.

Space corner in Reception is a great place to promote language and stimulate new ideas.
Reception Literacy board reinforces tricky words and new sounds well.

Writing in Reception, with Ms Lucas looks like really good fun.
All are encouraged to 'have a go' using their sounds, with improving results in EYFS.

Early Years resources are readily available for children and staff to utilise - building on resilience and independence over time.
Remarkable Reception in the writing corner.

Using ICT to support learning is a big part of Foundation stage.
Mrs McIntyre developing and extending early phonic skills-one of her many talents!

Miss Lucas supports group learning, encouraging children to talk and extend their experiences.
Welcome to our Nursery dressing up corner- a very popular corner of the room!

Mrs Joyce extending and challenging in the painting area. Independence, even at Nursery level, is high on the agenda.
Learning through play and through drawing is something our Nursery do so well.

One of our special Nursery stars sorting, classifying and designing, pauses to smile!
Our small world table is very popular. Today it is a farm with animals- encouraging much discussion and imaginative thinking.

Thank you God for our world... it's always a privilege to be invited to share in Early Years’ prayers.
Pirate Pete was a welcome visitor to EYFs this year. Miss Lucas’ art skills were greatly enhanced by our able artists.

Children are encouraged to know how to behave in school right from Nursery.
You’ve probably heard the expression 'As happy as sand boys'... well Nursery stars demonstrate happy sand play for us!

Free choice is exercised, with children choosing to be indoors or outdoors in the Nursery, well supervised in both settings.
Our extremely complicated milking machine!

Mmm, pumpkin soup!
Celebrating Divali.

Investigations, the boyish way!
Nursery, looking for metal objects using the metal detector.

Learning about shape on a computer programme.
Children looking after the garden in the digging area.

Counting and matching numbers.