St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School

Our Headteacher

Mrs O'Hara, our Headteacher.

Dear parents and friends, welcome to our website, which we hope will give you a flavour of our school. We are really proud of it and we hope you will see why as you read on.

We aim high and usually succeed, here at St Mary’s - as indicated by our results in recent years. We ensure that children receive the best education we can provide.

We also offer many opportunities for children to be actively involved in their learning. This is reflected in the high levels of collaboration and pupil talk within and across lessons. We foster and promote learning which allows children to develop their self esteem and resilience overtime, as we feel these are true requisites to success in the real world.

We pride ourselves on our multi sensory approach and develop art, music, languages and debate, using these to hook children’s interests and to make learning fun too. We develop a variety of sports and encourage children to try new things for themselves, too, through sporting opportunities such as tennis, basketball, rebounding, netball cricket , football, and many more.

Finally we expect the best. In keeping with our mission statement, we see all children and adults as Christ like. For that reason we challenge ourselves and our pupils to always give their best efforts in all areas of learning, playing, praying and socialising with each other. As a result children are happy, successful, confident and proud of themselves, their school and their achievements.

We aim to maintain these standards and build on the skills children have to create numerate, literate, curious children with a zest for learning and a strong moral compass, based on the teachings of Christ, to help them on their way.

We don't claim to be perfect, but we do claim to strive towards it and to recognise the huge and tiny efforts our children make on their life journey towards adulthood. We are really proud of our little people and know that you will see and feel our sense of pride and achievement when you walk through our doors.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for... and a little bit more!

Yours sincerely

Mrs C O'Hara

'Recognising and celebrating the presence of Christ in one another.'