St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School

Key Stage 1

Years 1 and 2

Miss Wood Mrs Polito and Mrs Hayes, supported ably by our Teaching Assistants, develop skills nurtured in Early Years and begin to fine tune the academic progress of children especially in Reading, Writing and Number.

We follow the New National Curriculum and our children have risen to the challenge of the increased expectations identified within it. Great emphasis is placed on practical activities which reinforce children's learning at a level they can handle. Increasingly, as children's abilities begin to become more diverse, levels of challenge are tailored to children's needs to ensure progress is made.

We actively encourage good discussion and articulation of children’s ideas, to aid their comprehension of their world through reading writing and maths. We are pro active in developing confident and enthusiastic readers. Our success rate, in partnership with caring parents, over recent years, has grown from strength to strength.

There is still time for fun too, with practical and collaborative work being high on the agenda!

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Creative Curriculum

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Year 2 using our lovely grounds for their 'Big Write'.
Miss Wood never misses the opportunity to encourage outside learning for Year 2 children.

Year 2 learning how to fence.
Year 2's first fencing class in September 2016.

Year 1 Monet work in February 16 shows how they are embedding their Literacy skills to communicate their ideas well.
Learning familiar phrases from Traditional tales is helped along by some great Art work in Year 1.

Every corner tells a tale in Year 1. Look at some of the odd and even numbers we have been sorting - big and small 2,3 and 4 digits.
Mrs Best asked Year 1 to count in twos... they used their body parts to help them.

3,2,1 show me your answers approach in Year 2, during a maths lesson.
Year 2 use whiteboards to help them before they check their answers. Mrs Gallagher helps when we are stuck.

By Year 2 we are thinking about words that we shouldn’t use as well as those we should.
In Year 2, even our windows are used to help us to remember.

We love to sort things in maths.
We use practical apparatus to help us count and add.

In maths, we like to use money.
We just love numbers!

In Year 1 we learn how to select books from the library.
Settling down to enjoy reading our books.

Having fun making things with plasticine.
Learning all the different parts of a tree.

Girls on film! But also deep in learning.
Using our phonic fingers and tricky words, we combine our science with our literacy learning.

The new curriculum requires more knowledge of fractions in Year 2.
Children investigate and embed their learning in problem solving situations.