St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School

Key Stage 2

Years 3 to 6

By now children have developed strengths and likes in the curriculum available to them. They work hard and play hard in Key Stage 2 with opportunities to excel academically, creatively, artistically, musically and through sporting endeavours.

Throughout, as a Catholic school we still continue to expect and value personal attributes of kindness, manners, respect and trust. These too are nurtured and explored through the Gospel values and the Catholic Virtues, stemming from the Beatitudes. We really instil these into children as good preparation for the real world.

We place great emphasis on aiming to achieve personal bests and expect great efforts in all that children do. Through following the New National Curriculum, dovetailing it to our children’s needs and interests, whilst ensuring that we provide the best teaching we can, increasingly, we see great strides in personal confidence, independence and thirst for academic knowledge amongst our pupils, from all walks of life. We are proud of them.

Mrs Heenan, Mr Payne, Mrs Coleman and Mr Marsh front the Key Stage 2 teams, with some great support from a variety of Integration Assistants, Teaching Assistants and willing volunteers, who all work tirelessly, for the good of the children and in support of each other.

Mrs Anderson also supports the curriculum helping those who need a little bit more clarification in Maths and English, behaviour or whatever the need may be.

Mrs Amann continues to enrich our curriculum with her expertise in MfL and Music - we are pleased to have her!

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Creative Curriculum

See some of the things we've been doing during our Creative Curriculum weeks:


Year 4 using different mathematical equipment to solve problems in practical maths. Looking very studious girls!
Year 3 made a volcano and watched it erupt.

Year 6 participating in wheelchair basketball to raise awareness of those less fortunate than us.
Learning how to multi-task during wheelchair basketball.

Year 3 showing the earth’s structure using layers of plasticine.
Year 3 have written captions about the earth’s core, mantle, magma and crust.

They each added plasticine layers and then cut through to see the earth’s structures.
Year 3’s display of the earth’s structure models.