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School Meals

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At St Mary’s we currently have in excess of 60% of our children who take advantage of our school meals, cooked on site. This has increased since the kitchen first opened in September 2014, by more than 20% - a testimony to its success.

Our menus, which have been drawn up by our experienced Catering Consultant, who has fine-tuned them over time with children's tastes and best interests in mind, comply effectively with the British food standards . We are also delighted to acknowledge, that they embrace fair-trade, free range products and support local farmers and providers.

Our lunchtime supervisors are encouraging and supportive; they also expect children to eat well and are vigilant in reporting a poor diet to the Senior Supervisor , as needed. They are ready for action to support the precarious carrying of trays and cutting of food - all part of growing up! They know when to help and when to stand back and encourage independence too.

We have regular themed days such as Bonfire Night, Seaside Day, American Independence day, to name but a few. These are always well supported with numbers increasing to approximately 75% of all pupils, on these days.

Our kitchen also offers a healthy snack, at first break, to our older children. This is well supported with a queue of hungry 'toasteers' remembering their manners with a smile to Mrs Logan and Mrs Jackson and a wave to Mrs Howlett, in the kitchen.

Our menus, which will rotate on a three-week basis, can be read below:

How do I order a lunch for my child?

First, have a look at our menus and decide if your child would eat such food - especially now that some of them have become much healthier eaters as a result of our Food Dude projects.

Children in Key Stage 1 have only to fill in a form each Monday Morning. Key Stage 2 children also need to complete their form and submit their payment (£2.20 per day) at the beginning of the week. They can opt in to a dinner every day, or just on Thursdays, for a Roast or on Wednesdays for Pizzas. It's up to you!

Please note that all food needs to be ordered in advance so children will not be able to bring their money for a dinner on that day. In line with other primary schools, all forms will need to be in by Monday morning.

We welcome comments from parents, good and bad, providing they are fair and politely expressed. We are not a restaurant, we are a school and we offer high quality school dinners. Let us know your thoughts.

Finally, give it a go! The only way we can maintain a high service of on site cooking, which is what parents requested, is with parental support.

A continued vote of thanks

  • Thanks to our admin team, for their patience when busy parents need support, reminders or some additional information. It is appreciated.
  • Thanks to the cleaning team for their diligence in keeping the kitchens and the hall so clean.
  • Thanks to Mike King, our catering consultant – for his support, his wisdom and his challenging expectations.

All of these people help the kitchens to be excellent and receive top rating from Environmental health checks and Nutrition audits.