St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is a Government initiative Introduced in April 2011, that provides additional funding aimed at the following groups of pupils:

  • Those entitled to Free School Meals;
  • Those who are looked after by the Local Authority;
  • Those whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces.

A fixed amount of money per pupil is provided for eligible pupils, to counteract any deprivation or barriers to learning- academic, social or emotional, as government research demonstrates increased underachievement amongst pupils from these groups, when compared to their peers.

At St Mary of the Angels, we have low numbers of children who are in receipt of pupil premium funding. As a result monies are used in a variety of small ways to support barriers to learning. These barriers, across recent years, often include one or more of the following:

  • Limited home support – single/working parents or parents who are unable to support;
  • Reduced income - limited access to additional resources such as ICT, additional clubs;
  • Additional SEN needs - children with low esteem, income and support who also have SEN needs;
  • Low self esteem-often as a result of one or more of the barriers identified above.

We, therefore, strive to target PP children and others to redress such barriers through engagement, resources, time, specific timely interventions and high expectations. These are often individually targeted by SMT and by teaching staff to lift barriers and reduce gaps over time, with good success.

In 2015/16 we were pleased to note the following in addition to reporting on academic progress and attainment:

  • 46% of PP children took part in Sporting activities across 2015/16.
  • 50% of children attending Library Club were in receipt of Pupil premium funding in 2016.
  • 46% of PP children represented school in lead speaking roles or responsibilities across the year.
  • 100% of PP children took part in drama events and performances across the year in 2015/16.
  • 52% of PP children participated in self esteem boosting or monitorial additional roles to support emotional or social needs.
  • 54% of PP children benefited from additional homework clubs across the year.
  • 56% of PP in EYFS benefited from additional Speech and language support in 2015/16.

We continue to encourage parents to allow their children to benefit from the additional activities available to them.


Read more about our Pupil Premium allocation, and what the impact of the spending has been, in the report to parents below:

Reports are in pdf format.