St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School

Our Pupils

We are fortunate at St Mary of the Angels to have responsible, motivated children, who we encourage, right from nursery, to be independent, resilient and self-motivated.

We provide many opportunities throughout their school life to utilise these life skills. There are different extra-curricular activities ranging from clubs such as Lego club to gardening club. The school also offers after school physical activities including football, netball, rebound and multi-skills. These are extremely popular and a lot of fun!

School Council

School Council members.

Our School Council are generally in post from October.

We have one boy and one girl representing each year group from Year 2 up to Year 6, who are elected, via votes from their peers and they are assisted by Mrs Smith.

Here below is a letter from them about their recent experience of being a member of the SMA School Council:

School Council 2017/18

Another year is over and so is our time as a member of the School Council for 2017/18. We feel that the school council have put a lot of effort into improving the school. As members of the school council, we think there has been a noticeable change to the environment and to all of the pupils, especially us. Here is how we feel and what we have done...

We believe that our self-esteem and confidence has improved. We feel that other people look up to us. We feel proud and confident. We have made new friends and are more responsible. At the beginning of the year some us felt shy but now we love to express our confidence and feel we are valued.

Our impact on the school has been massive. We have raised money for CAFOD, organised a Topsy Turvy day and raised awareness of the Polio vaccine. We have needed to be creative by making posters, resilient to encourage others to contribute to the class suggestion box and have been given the opportunity to represent the school at the Art Gallery.

We would like others to continue in our footsteps and have written some wishes for 2018/19:

We want the School Council to continue to welcome others and understand and accept differences. They should continue to use the suggestion boxes in the classrooms and encourage their friends to write ideas down. We would like the teachers to ask the School Council to feedback from meetings. We want to continue to listen to the children and their ideas, we are representing the children after all!

Thank you for a wonderful year – it has been amazing!

School Council meetings are held each month, where they discuss suggestions that have been forwarded. They share relevant information during assemblies, when needed. They have a treasurer who speaks with Mrs O’Hara about funds when required; a secretary who types up the minutes and a chairperson to ensure all the members listen to one another. They are excellent role models for the school and we are proud of them.

Play Leaders

Play Leaders organising games for the younger children.

Year 6 children also have the chance to support their younger school friends at dinner times, through organising games and equipment, under the jurisdiction of the lunchtime supervisors.

They also coach our Reception children in playing games and turn taking.

They are often very supportive to the supervisors in the early year’s playground.

Monitorial Roles

Many children in differing classes are proud of their roles which the hold in class.

It may be that your child is toast monitor or scissor or paint monitors. They value their class environment and know how important it is to be a help to their teachers. Older children in the school have the responsibilities for being technology monitor or letter monitor.

These roles support the staff in their jobs and are extremely valuable. We are lucky to have such kind and helpful pupils.

Collective Worship

Our pupils are excellent at volunteering to read and serve during the celebration of the Mass, both in school and at church. From an early age they are encouraged to read with accuracy and confidence in religious services and Masses.

We have chaplaincy leaders who take their role very seriously. They provide a centre piece for our school assemblies to support the children in being reverent and focussed during prayer time. They also ensure that there are focal points within the classroom and frequently monitor what is on the prayer table and how it is being used.

House Captains

Our House Captains.

In Year 6, children are elected to be House Captains. They have the job of collecting and collating house points each week. These are then announced in Congratulations' Assembly regularly. The winning house receives a small reward each term.

These children may also be asked to help out with prospective parents or with communicating to parents on behalf of the pupils.

Our current children in post serve the school well with dignity and pride.