St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School

Snippets of News

Year 6 Visit St Chad's Cathedral

28 September 2018

Year 6 at St Chad's Cathedral.

Year 6 children visted St Chad's Cathedral on 28th September.

The children had a great time and were invited onto the sanctuary, where the altar is; they were then invited to contribute towards the mass.

The journey there and back was via bus... another special treat!

School Athletics at Alexander Stadium

20 June 2018

The children after a long and successful day at Alexander Stadium.

The children went to Alexander Stadium in Perry Barr on Wednesday 20th June of the Catholic Cluster Schools’ Athletics Event.

The children finished a very creditable 8th, a great effort considering they were without a Year 6 team.

A great day was had by pupils, staff and parents!

Acts of Kindness

January 2018

Each class has decided to give something up in return for a donation. This money is going to be collected and sent to Cafod at the end of lent.

See some of our pledges below:

Born in the Barn Nativity

20 and 21 December 2017

Key Stage 1's Christmas production.

Years 1 and 2's production of 'Born in the Barn' was a complete success.

On Wednesday and Thursday the 20th and 21st of December our Key Stage 1 children sang and acted the Christmas story out very beautifully.

We are proud of them.

Year 4's Wanted Posters

29 September 2017

Year 4 creating their posters.

Whilst completing work on Robin Hood in Literacy, on Friday 29th September, Year 4 created a ‘Wanted’ Poster and stained them so that they appear like they are from long ago.

An excellent combination of Literacy and History!

EYFS Stay and Play

28 September 2017

Parents and children playing together.

Thursday 28th September was our 'Play and Stay' day where parents were invited to stay with the children and play with them in Nursery.

There was an opportunity to grab a coffee and have a chat with each other afterwards.

It was a great success and everyone involved really enjoyed it!

Year 5's Feathered Friends

23 June 2017

Year 5's chicks.

Year 5 said goodbye to their feathered friends, on Friday 23rd June.

Our three little friends have provided an excellent opportunity for the children's learning in many ways; they will be missed a lot!

A Tiger Interrupts Year 1's Phonics Lesson

6 June 2017

A tiger meets Year 1.

On Tuesday 6th June, a tiger came to our Phonics lesson in Year 1.

He stole Mrs O’Hara’s tea and biscuits, but he was excellent at Phonics!

Year 6 Chess Tournament

1 May 2017

Winners of our chess tournament.

Across the year, some of our Year 6 pupils organised their own chess coaching club and tournament.

We are proud of their organisational skills and we recognise their commitment to others in school, who are keen to learn and compete in chess.

The winners were lucky enough to receive some lovely rewards!

Safe Parking Banner

25 April 2017

Our parking banner.

On 25th April 2017, a banner was secured at the top of the school drive to remind parents about the importance of parking and driving safely around the entrance to St Mary of the Angels.

Year 5 at the Space Centre

11 November 2016

Year 5 at the Space Centre.

Year 5 went to the Space Centre, on Friday 11th November, as part of their Science Curriculum.

They had a fantastic time and learned much about Space and the solar system.

Family Harvest Mass

9 October 2016

Some of our Harvest produce.

On 9th October, we had over 35 children present at Family Mass.

A large crate of tins and dried food were collected by children to be harvested amongst local needy people. Well done children.

The gardening club harvested their first crop and a basket of fruit and vegetables were proudly offered during the Offertory. Well done gardeners!

Well done Mrs Joyce and Miss Lucas also.

Preparing for Roald Dahl Week

6 September 2016

Year 5 in the wildlife area.

Year 5 children spent some time in our wildlife area, sharing some of Roald Dahl's wonderful work in preparation for our upcoming Roald Dahl Week.

Goodbye to our Sports Coach

14 July 2016

Saying goodbye to our Sports Coach.

On our Sports Day we also sadly said goodbye to our Sports coach - seen here with Mrs Steele.

Children were sad to see him leave but wish him great success at University.

Sports Day

14 July 2016

Our winning House Captains.

Our annual Sports Day on Thursday 14th July was a lovely event with children being applauded and cheered by their 160 strong crowd of Mums, Dads and friends.

Here are our winning House Captains sporting the victory trophy, for all to see.

Walsall Catholic Athletics

28 June 2016

Our Athletics team at the Alexander Stadium.

On Tuesday 28th June, St Mary’s took part in the Walsall Catholic Athletics tournament at the Alexander Stadium.

They came a respectable fourth place overall and staff were proud of their participation.

Year 5's Egg Watch 3

29 April 2016

Our chick memorial.

On the last day in April, Year 5 said 'goodbye' to the nine healthy chicks and placed a lovely memorial in the prayer garden, to the one who didn’t make it.

The life-cycle truly in action.

Year 5's Egg Watch 3

21 April 2016

Our fluffy chicks.

Nine fluffy chicks are looking forward to their first meal. Our brood seems to consist of seven boys and two girls.

Year 5 have now begun work on their chick information booklets; they have demonstrated all their passion for poultry eggceptionally.

Year 5's Egg Watch 2

20 April 2016

The chicks hatch.

Two eggs hatched during the night and throughout the day four more have hatched.

We now have six fluffy little chicks huddled safely up inside their brooder box. They are chirping away happily and eagerly awaiting their first meal. They will have to wait 24 hours from hatching as they are still digesting their yolk from when they were inside their eggs.

Parents' Reading Workshop

19 April 2016

Investigating word definitions and exploring new vocabulary with parents.

On Tuesday 19th April, parents were invited to attend a Reading Workshop in school. Children received their lessons with parents present in the hall.

All those who attended, were really impressed with the children and the progression in reading. They were also really pleased with the information they gleaned from the morning.

Year 5's Egg Watch

18 April 2016

The eggs inside the incubator.

On Monday 18th April Mr Payne and Year 5 wrote...

"10 eggs received on Monday morning. They are safely tucked up inside their incubator which regulates their temperature at 37.7 degrees.

Hatching should begin on Wednesday although it could start tomorrow.

Eggciting times!”

Year of Divine Mercy

8 December 2015

Pictures of the Annunciation.

To launch the Year of Divine Mercy, commencing on December 8th 2015, Year 3 used various art skills to produce pictures of the Annunciation. They are on display in school.

PTA Disco

23 October 2015

Fun at the disco.

On Friday 23rd October, the PTA hosted their first disco of the school year.

The children had great fun and £145 was raised. This can be put towards the funding of the new Sports kit for St Mary’s.

Friends in Faith

23 April 2015

Friends in Faith.

Friends in Faith, Year 3 and Year 6. We worked together to discuss Holy Communion and Confirmation and created prayers to share during a prayer service.

Remembrance Day

11 November 2014

Year 3's Remembrance display.

During the month of November, all children remember loved members of our community, who have died and are with God Our Father now.

We use the poppy as a symbol of remembrance - something which is particularly significant with the centenary of World War 1.

Year 6 children led their own assembly for Remembrance on the 11th November - their prayers and wishes were displayed in the entrance hall for all to share throughout November.

This is Year 3’s altar display.

Year 5 Visit Space World

7 November 2014

Year 5 at Space World.

Year 5 visited Space World on Friday 7th November. They had a fabulous time which really brought their Science work on Space to life.

Winning Rounders Team

July 2014

Rounders champions.

Year 6 managed to win the Catholic Rounders' competition in June.

Here you can see the winning team proudly displaying their medals.

Nursery's Space World

July 2014

Nursery's world of space.

Children in Nursery have been inspired about stories from space, especially the boys!

So Mrs Gallagher and Mrs Grace have created their own space world with rocket and planets included.

Walsall Choir of the Year

27/28 February 2014

The Key Stage 1 and 2 Choirs took part in The Waslall Choir of the Year on Thursday and Friday 27th and 28th February.

We were confident they would do well and we were delighted when they returned home trophies in hand: KS1 got Choir of the Year and KS2 got Harmony Choir of the Year.

They shared their talents at Congratulations' Assembly the following week.

St David's Day Assembly

26 February 2014

St David's Day Assembly.

St David's House Captains and Year 6 house members introduced their assembly of St David to the children in Key Stage 2.

Children's work done before the assembly was included.

During the assembly, the audience was asked for participation to find out what they already knew. The assembly finished with prayers and thoughts on display.

Thanks to St Francis of Assisi children for supporting our Year 6 in their preparations.

Food Dudes Programme

13 January 2014

Food Dudes banner.

On 13th January St Mary's began their Food Dudes programme to support children's understanding of making the right choices when it comes to food choices.

Nisha from Food dudes spoke to all the children explaining about the incentives they could earn if they try new foods presented to them on a daily basis. The response has been great!

"Miss I ate 17 blueberries yesterday." was the greeting I received from a little girl in Reception the other day. "Miss what do you think of those green things that look like peas in their pods?" was a comment from an older boy and even the staff are nibbling on pineapples and corn on the cob. Miss Barnes has even been persuaded to try tomatoes!

Well done to all of the children and parents who are being pro active in developing healthy choices and a big thank you to Food Dudes for their fun and supportive approach to this healthy lifestyle rethink.

50th Birthday Contributions Appeal

13 November 2013

St Mary of the Angel's celebrates its 50th Birthday on Saturday 1 March 2014, and we are already planning a special day of celebrations.

Are you an ex-pupil or an ex-staff member who would like to help or take part in a special presentation? If so, we would love your help. Please contact the following:

More information about our special day can be read below:

Science Workshop

25 September 2012

Science practical work.

On Tuesday 25th September Year 6 took part in a science workshop at St Francis of Assissi Secondary School. They had a taste of secondary science at its best and came back enthused.

Thanks to St Francis for organising this opportunity.

SEN Coffee Morning

19 September 2012

On Wednesday 19th September Miss Barnes hosted a SEN coffee morning, sponsored by Starbucks.

The event was to ensure that all parents who have children with SEN are aware of the processes of SEN support at St Mary of the Angels and the people who support us.

There was a good turnout with about 20 parents in attendance. We look forward to the next one after Christmas.

Mrs Jacombs Clarke's Wedding

August 2012

Mrs JC with some very familiar faces. Who can you spot?

Mrs Jacombs Clarke's wedding was during the summer, which took place in the grounds of a beautiful castle.

Mrs JC looked radiant and every inch the beautiful bride!

Our congratulations and best wishes go to both the bride and groom.

Mrs Hopkinson's Retirement Party and Mass

13 July 2012

School staff serenading Mrs H in verse - a motley crew don't you think?

Mrs Hopkinson's Retirement Party and Mass were very well attended by staff past and present on the 13th July, including Mrs Helm, our former Headteacher and her husband and Fr Michael and his wife.

It was a relaxed evening with many friends sharing stories about the many talents and events in Mrs Hopkinson's 40 year association with St Mary's.


London 2012 Get Set Network Certificate

June 2012

We were delighted to receive a certificate approving our successful application to become a member of the London 2012 Get Set Network.

You can see our certificate below:

First Holy Communion

25 May 2012

Communion Cake.

Our First Holy Communicants made us very proud. They were reverent, sensible and looked fabulous.

They also managed to consume almost all of their communion cake at their special Thanksgiving Breakfast on Friday 25th May.

Prayer Garden Dedication

24 May 2012

Our Prayer garden was dedicated to our patron, Our Lady, on 24th May by Father Michael.

Key Stage 1 children brought some beautiful flowers and helped Key Stage 2 through prayer, through song and through procession, to honour St Mary of the Angels.

Alleluia Assembly

17 April 2012

Mrs McIntyre's Alleluia Assembly.

On Tuesday 17th April Mrs McIntyre did a lovely Alleluia assembly for the younger children.

It was the first time Nursery had joined in with a lower school assembly. They behaved beautifully!

Bad Hair Day

March 2012

Staff with bad hair!

The staff of St Mary's looked a little different on Bad Hair Day... although some might say that things were an improvement!

A Focus on Lent

March 2012

A display on Lent.

During the days of Lent we focus our mind on the many different RE topics that are happening in and around school, especially our Confirmation and our Lenten promises.