Early Years

Nursery and Reception Classes

Miss Wood, Mrs Smith, Mrs Wardle, Mrs Lee, Ms Lucas and a host of fabulous helpers, work tirelessly to build on children's confidence, curiosity of the world around them and capacity to communicate effectively.

Their area is bright and lively and they have a huge abundance of space, which they use to stimulate and capture children’s interests and fascinations, to great effect.

We chose to be part of the National Early Adopters of the New Foundation Curriculum, in 2020/21, which has given us a good headstart in readiness for the changes which will become mandatory in 2021. We are already really proud of our children and the progress that is already apparent. Lockdown 2020/21 presented its own difficulties, but as we emerge from the fall out, we also observe new found confidences and skills, from staff and children, which we are dovetailing successfully into our practices.
Please take the time to dip into our Curriculum pages, as the new term unfolds, where you will find a wealth of information, including :
Our curriculum and what inspires us to use the methods we use in each subject
Our resources and the progression that is apparent in each subject
Our innovations and the successes we hope to achieve ( and a flavour of what we have and are achieving currently)
What the children say about differing subjects
What the other stakeholders say about our differing subjects
Our methods of assessment and what they tell us about the status of the differing subjects here at St Mary of the Angels (SMA)
What we are learning this term in each year group

Our current timetables

Our yearly planners