Key Stage 2

Years 3 to 6

Mrs Polito, Mr Sutton, Miss James and Mrs Hayes front the Key Stage 2 teams, with some great support from Mrs Evans, Mrs Williams, Mrs Kennedy and a variety of Integration Assistants and willing volunteers, including: Mrs Adamson, Mrs Vinti and Mrs Malhi, who all work tirelessly, for the good of the children and in support of each other.

Subject leaders Mrs Polito, Mrs Coleman, Mrs Hayes, Mrs Steele and Mr Sutton also support the curriculum helping those who need a little bit more clarification in Maths and English, behaviour or whatever the need may be.

Mrs Amann, Miss Wood and Bryan Small continue to enrich our curriculum with their expertise in MfL, PE, S and Music - we are pleased to have them.
We follow the National Curriculum and our children have risen to the challenge of the increased expectations identified within it. Lockdown 2020/21 presented its own difficulties, but as we emerge from the fall out, we also observe new found confidences and skills, from staff and children, which we are dovetailing successfully into our practices.
Please take the time to dip into our Curriculum pages, as the new term unfolds, where you will find a wealth of information, including :
Our curriculum and what inspires us to use the methods we use in each subject
Our resources and the progression that is apparent in each subject
Our innovations and the successes we hope to achieve ( and a flavour of what we have and are achieving currently)
What the children say about differing subjects
What the other stakeholders say about our differing subjects
Our methods of assessment and what they tell us about the status of the differing subjects here at St Mary of the Angels (SMA)
What we are learning this term in each year group
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