St Mary's is all about children and children need a hook- something to link them with good times and support them through the bad times, too. Our hook is hugely successful- it is out Catholic ethos, centred on the teachings of Christ and how that applies in our busy world today- it is inclusive of all, and embedded into all that we do, including our Mission Statement:
   "Recognising and celebrating the presence of Christ in one another" 
We cannot think of a better way to start a child's life journey than walking with Christ. It helps us to see the good in each other and in ourselves. Long may we continue to do so. We hope that you will join us in this journey, too.
Celebrating our success!  Our attendance at 24th September 2021 stands at 97.1% overall.  See below each year group's attendance: 
R 95%
Y1 98%
Y2 96%
Y3 98%
Y4 98%
Y5 97%
Y6 97%
Well done to all year groups, particularly those above 96%. Keep up this great attendance everyone.
Congratulations to Ms James in Y4, this week. She has really worked hard to give Y4 the settled start that they did not get in their first week. She is always smiling, always calm and a great listener. 

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