Our Pupils

We are fortunate at St Mary of the Angels to have responsible, motivated children, who we encourage, right from nursery, to be independent, resilient and self-motivated.

We provide many opportunities throughout their school life to utilise these life skills, ranging from clubs to small group ventures, from roles and responsibilities to prizes and rewards. 
Have a look at the top of Column 2 at some of the remote learning reports our council have sourced for us. Thank you to all of them. 

School Council

Our School Council are generally in post from October.

We have one boy and one girl representing each year group from Year 2 up to Year 6, who are elected, via votes from their peers and they are assisted by Mrs Smith. Occasionally, we have additionally agreed co-opted members from other settings too. 

The voice of the pupils at SMA in other ways

There are many differing roles which facilitate our pupils to serve the school and its' community effectively in, including:
  • our House Captains and their Vices, who are excellent role models throughout school- escorting visitors, modelling uniform, setting exemplary behaviour standards, to name but a few of their roles
  • our secretarial monitors who support the administrational tasks - so often overlooked in a busy school
  • our many monitors- assembly, chairs, ICT- who generally make the wheels of the school turn much more easily once they are fulfilling their roles, so well
  • our peer mentors who assess and reward successes in small ways amongst their younger peers
  • our sports captains, who assist in modelling and supporting good, fair play and team approaches
  • our emotional ego crew, who troubleshoot across lunchtimes, assisting a return to class that is smooth and trouble free
  • our Mini Vinnies and chaplaincy team who support younger children in their prayer life
  • our classroom monitors, who support younger classes, so effectively in the expectations at St Mary's 
  • our reading buddies, who promote and support reading across the school