Each separate subject here at St Mary's has a Lead teacher. In English, the Lead teacher is called Mrs Polito. She has oodles of experience as a teacher and her whole persona links to her love of books and her drive to inspire children to become great readers and writers. She currently teachers in Y6.
Each subject also has a Link Governor, who supports and monitors progress, in conjunction with guidance form the SLT. In the case of English, this is Mrs Hopkinson; a retired deputy head teacher with her own wealth of experience to bring to each discussion and a fierce loyalty to the SMA community, also.
Each class has its own class page, where homework, projects, home communications etc are publicised and shared on a very regular basis. Some views from parents on these, will also be shared here in the forthcoming months for you to understand how we work, a little more. 
Our Curriculum philosophy is below, showing why we do it the way we do it here at St Mary of the Angels.
Our Autumn Term 2021 Key Knowledge organisers are below. These help you to know what is being taught and when, for your child. Hopefully, they also give you a flavour of the type of vocabulary and the type of learning that will take place in each year for your child.
A flavour of our children's views are below, so that you can see that we listen to children and they empower us to help them become effective leaders. You can also hear that our methods are effective.
Our Long term overview is below. This helps to map out what is being covered and taught when and where across the school in English, currently. It might also help you as parents to plan and link into the work we are covering and when.
Our Action Plan in English is below
Our Policy in English is below
Some examples of our successes are here for you to appreciate. These link in with parent and governor views also.
Our assessment methods are summarised here for you, with a working example of what actually happens within the classroom, for you to appreciate, also.