Our Governors

Our Governing Body consists of a body of twelve people who speak and act on behalf of the key groups in our school - the pupils, the parents, the staff, the LA and the parish.

These people, some who are appointed, some who are elected, meet regularly throughout the year to discuss matters relating to Curriculum, Finance, Staffing, Safeguarding, Ethos and Admissions.

All Governors serve for four years.

All work together for the good of the school, ensuring that decisions are in line with current legislation and expectations. They support the Head teacher in monitoring, planning ahead, raising standards, budgetary control, prioritising needs and ensuring the smooth running of the school continues to cater well for the children of St Mary's. Some governors also liaise with specific subject leaders in monitoring specific subjects – these are known as Link Governors and report back to the full Governing Body on their findings.

Governor Spotlights
  • Mrs Sue Wilkinson

    Foundation Governor and Chair


    Mrs Sue Wilkinson is our Chair of Governors, as well as being a much valued grandmother of six children - all ex-pupils of St Mary's. She is often in and around school involved in assemblies, supporting on trips, talking with staff and with parents on the playground. She knows the school really well as an ex-employee and has many witty stories to share about past exploits. She is a link Governor for R.E and for S.E.N and she is also one of our Recruitment Trained Governors also. She is really approachable and willing to listen, with the wisdom that only comes later on in life! She can always be relied upon to support school and parents in whatever way she can.

  • Mr Wintrip

    Foundation Governor, Safeguarding Governor and Vice Chair

    Mr Gerry Wintrip is our Vice Chair of Governors and our Safeguarding Link Governor. As a policeman, he brings much to the Governing Body and sees things pragmatically and logically.
    He is known to many in a variety of ways- as an ex parent, as a parishioner and altar server, and as an ex PTA member too. He is also often in school for meetings, for events, as a link governor and is also a welcome member of many social events.. He has been persuaded to help out with our Alton Castle residential, in recent years, and insists that he really enjoys it.

  • Mrs Michelle Anderson

    Foundation Governor and Foundation Subject Governor

    Mrs Anderson has vast knowledge of the workings of the school, at senior leadership level as she was our much loved Deputy head teacher for many years. As an excellent practitioner, who has also supported other schools in the diocese, on safeguarding, curriculum and teaching and learning, she has much to bring to the Governors' table; all of which she does with loyalty, objectivity and attention to detail. She is highly respected by all and we are pleased to welcome her back; this time as a Foundation Governor.

  • Mrs Catherine Corbert

    Foundation Governor

    Mrs Corbert has one child, currently, in school and two who are now at secondary school. Her background is in nursing.
    She is always willing to lend a hand and, in recent years was a very active member of the PTA also, serving as joint chair and then Chair, before stepping down. She is a well-known figure on the school playground and at parish level. She can always be relied upon to read all documentation sent to her and is a rock of sense.
    She also serves on the Admission and Health and Safety Committee, at present.

  • Fr Craig Davies

    Foundation Governor and Spiritual Guidance

    Fr Craig joined the parish and the Governors in October 2018 and is already having a positive impact- knowing the children and the workings of the school, more and more. He is often in school helping us with his spiritual guidance and support. He liaises with the parish community and helps us in our sacramental celebrations and in our celebration of Mass. He makes us all smile regularly and has an amazing memory for children's names. We look forward to hearing his voice around school and know that he likes rocky bars and chocolate biscuits with his tea.

  • Mrs Gill Davin

    Local Authority Representative

    Mrs Davin's background is in Retail and Management. She is a practising Catholic and also a grandmother to one of our younger children. She currently serves on the FGB and also on the Resource Committee.
    Sh supports in school alongside Mrs Anderson, having an increasing knowledge of the new Wider Learning Projects that we are trialling.She is also someone we look forward to seeing in school, for whatever reason- as grandmother or governor.

  • Mrs Sarah Desorgher

    Parent representative Governor

    Mrs Desorgher is a parent governor and an active PTA member. Her background is in finance and she has historic links with the school, through marriage. She is supportive and always ready to lend a hand. She currently serves on the FGB the Resources Committee and, most recently, has become our new maths link Governor. She speaks openly and intelligently, from a lay person's perspective , which gives an additional necessary voice at meetings.
    She is well known and liked on the playground and genuinely wants the best for the school.

  • Mrs Chris Hopkinson

    Foundation Governor

    Mrs Hopkinson has had a long association with the school. She was acting head teacher, at St Mary of the Angels in 2010-2011. She is the link governor for Literacy and has visited the school to meet with the Literacy lead and participate in learning walks around the school. She has good experience of Governance and is currently Chair of Governors at Maryvale Catholic School also . She is a hugely supportive governor and brings with her a great working knowledge of the profession- at many levels. We look forward to seeing her in school and we forgive her for having a boot in two camps... in fact, we benefit from it!

  • Mr Phil Probert

    Foundation Governor

    Mr Phil Probert is one of our Foundation Governors. He has great experience in site and premises management and is an active member of the parish. He also has an interest in the school as a grandparent of two children in school currently. He is also a welcome volunteer in school- always with a ready smile and a genuine love of children, which only Grandads have!

  • Mrs Penny Ward

    Staff elected Governor

    Mrs Ward is the Office Manager at St Mary of the Angels as well as being staff governor. She is passionate about the school and it shows in all that she does. She has a wealth of knowledge about admissions and attendance and uses her role in school to facilitate and improve communication between governors, parents and staff effectively. She has a wicked sense of humour, which surfaces often in school, but knows the importance of her role in promoting the image of the school, effectively.

  • Mrs Claire O'Hara

    Head teacher


    Mrs O'Hara has been Head teacher at St Mary's for almost 10 years now. She knows all families and children and is able to use her experience as a teacher, leader, parent herself and governor, to guide the supportive Governing Body in their decision making, She has a wealth of knowledge about the workings of other schools and authorities, which also gives breadth to the decision making for St Mary's Governors. Finally, she is an active member of the Walsall Catholic Cluster of 11 schools; she is currently secretary of this group.
    The one way to her heart is to arrive at all meetings with a large mug of tea!

  • Mrs Amandip Garcha

    Parent Representative Governor

    Mrs Garcha is very much the" eyes of the parent" on the Governing Body. As a full time secondary school teacher, with young children, she is very reliant on the communication sent out via school- she is, therefore , able to feedback on changes and adaptations from the point of view of a working parent. She is increasingly more part of the school community and is begining to be available for link governor meetings with the Early Years department. She is very approachable and we look forward to seeing her in and around school.