Q12: What support is there for me as a parent of a child with SEND?

The SENCO will work closely with any external agencies that we feel are relevant to individual children's needs within our school including:

  • The class teacher is regularly available to discuss your child's progress or any concerns you may have and to share information about what is working well at home and school so similar strategies can be used.
  • The SENCO is regularly available to meet with you to discuss your child's progress or any concerns/worries you may have. She also has termly pupil profile discussions with paretns and with children, as relevant to address concerns changes or new innovations in the curriculum or provision for your child.
  • All information from outside professionals will be discussed with you, with the person involved directly, or where this is not possible, in a report.
  • All Pupil Profile Meetings  will be reviewed with your involvement each term.
  • Specific booster clubs are successfully organised targeting pupils who experience difficulties with Basic mathematical concepts in Number, Phonic blending, reading comprehension or reading acquisition. Outcomes of such interventions are shared with parents.
  • A home/school contact book may be used to support communication with you, when this has been agreed to be useful for you and your child. Increasingly, children with complex needs are being encouraged to engage in positive emails home, selecting work of their choice to email home to mum and /or dad.