Q8: How are other adults in school used to support pupils with special educational needs or disabilities

  • We have a team of able Teaching Assistants who are trained at differing levels to support pupils with a range of educational, social and emotional needs.
  • Our team of Teaching Assistants are able to effectively support individuals or groups of children in the classroom and undertake small group or close supervision support, as appropriate, to meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs or disabilities.
  • We have a Speech and Language Therapist and an Educational Psychologist who work in school each half term to advise and support children and staff.
  • Our SENCo is an important member of our team who works along teaching assistants and class teachers to support and monitor the progress and general experiences for children with SEND at St Mary's. She has an excellent knowledge of how to support you and your child and is able to identify needs of individuals and or groups of children and/or staff as they arise.