Q6: How is extra support allocated to children?

  • The school budget, received from Walsall LA, includes money for supporting children with SEND.
  • The Headteacher, in conjunction with the Senior leaders of the school, decides on the budget for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in consultation with the school governors, on the basis of identified priorities for the best possible progress.
  • The Headteacher, the Senior management team and the SENCo discuss all the information they have about SEND in the school, including:
    • the children getting extra support already;
    • the children needing extra or different support;
    • the children who have been identified as not making as much progress as would be expected;
    • expertise of staff. These are then discussed at regular meetings with exteranl providers and with the head teacher and decisions are   made as to what resources/training and support is needed for staff and for children and who can best support those needs across a term. These meetings take place 3 times each year. minimally
  • All resources/training and support are reviewed regularly and changes made as needed.