Q13: What other activities are available for pupils with SEN in addition to the curriculum?

  • We have a before and after school club with trained staff from school to support the needs of all children.
  • We operate personalised approaches, when needed with identified children to ensure that they are inclusive, in a way that they can raise their self esteem and feeling of self worth and that does not exclude or impact on others.
  • We have a sports coach who works with all children across the year to develop team spirit co-operation, challenge and resilience.
  • We have a number of lunchtime and after school clubs which cover a range of interests which include: dance, rugby, football, athletics, rounders, multi skills, cookery, music and gardening. Pupils with SEND are welcomed and included, additional support is offered as necessary to support access.
  • We have a trained counsellor who works with Y6 across transition and self awareness and confidence.